A Sticky Situation is an innovative platforming adventure for XNA 4.0 (PC/Xbox 360). I created a 30 minute, fully playable demo of our vision for the game with a team of six other students in my senior year at Georgia Tech. I came up with the game’s initial concept, led gameplay design, wrote roughly half of the music, and handled the majority of marketing duties. It was truly a team effort, however, and the game is what it is only because of the amazing work ethic displayed by everyone involved with the project – we put in over 60 hours a week worth of work on top of school and other commitments to meet our deadline.

I take particular pride in this game because it marks the first time Georgia Tech had ever allowed students to produce a game independently as a senior design project. It’s not yet available for download, but hopefully it will be soon.


A Sticky Situation sticks players to the shoes of a very persistent piece of gum. When your one true love is viciously vended away from the gumball machine, it’s up to you to save her from a chewy demise. Stick to ceilings and walls to navigate the dangerous world outside of the gumball machine. Harden up into your candied shell and roll through whatever blocks your path, or blow up into a bubble and float over it. It’s a unique, addictive flavor of platforming that will make you rethink the way you sidescroll. For more information, please visit the game’s official website:



Here’s the trailer that was submitted to the IGF:

Where can I play?

The game is still in development, so we aren’t releasing a demo to the public yet. The team hopes to continue working on this game through the spring semester and fully realize the vision. This space will be updated when a version is available for download.