Theme Update

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Just installed a new theme to the site, one that shouldn’t have any problems in IE7, Firefox, or Opera (image alignment was rough in the last theme). I’ll be making some of my own changes to it over the next few weeks, so if you encounter any problems displaying the page, please let me know. This blog is also now being streamed to the new D-Pad Network homesite, so here’s a shout out to all the regulars over there.

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Audiball Featured on Georgia Tech Homepage

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gatech My indie startup, Indiecisive Games, was featured in a story by Georgia Tech’s Digital Lounge this month. You can check out the full article...

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Games of 2008 Wrap-up

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Since Audiball finished development, I’ve had a lot more time to play the games I’ve been buying over the past few months. Hit the jump for some quick impressions. Fallout 3 – Didn’t care for Oblivion so I came into this game not expecting much. The “VATS” battle system makes it a completely different gameplay experience even though it’s the Elder Scrolls engine. Tons of character, tons of stuff to do, but I was disappointed with the rather limited scope of the endings. Dead Space – Excellent game. As others have said, “Resident Evil 4 in Space,” and that can only be meant as a compliment to EA Redwood Shores. The focus on dismemberment is unique and somewhat refreshing in a genre that has always been about headshots. Left4Dead – Speaking of zombies, this is the multiplayer game of the year. Versus mode is a wonderful change of pace from deathmatch and CTF. Lips – Disappointing to say the least. The microphones are of awesome quality, but despite the addition of gesture controls, I’d pick Singstar or Karaoke Revolution over this any day. Of course, Rock Band still tops them all. Biology Battle – A fellow Xbox Live Community Game, and easily the best one on the service. Although it’s $10, it’s a Geometry Wars clone that manages to be better than Geometry Wars in every way. Mother 3 – Finally got around to playing the fan translation. I last played through Earthbound about a year ago, and I’m enjoying this just as much. Still clueless as to why it’s not being released on the other side of the pond. Tales of Vesperia – At least as good as Tales of Symphonia so far, which was previously my favorite game in the series. The voice acting doesn’t make me want to shove forks in my ears, so that’s better than most JRPGs right off the bat. Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 2 – Better than Episode 1, at least. This is turning into a better-than-average RPG, so anyone who had any interest in the first one owes it to themselves to check this out. If you like Penny Arcade and you like RPGs, you’ll love this game. Mirror’s Edge – I can understand the negative reviews: the combat sucks, especially in areas where it’s forced. But when everything else is so good, it’s hard to withhold a recommendation. It’s somewhat anticlimactic, but it’s an amazing start. I just hope it does well enough to warrant a sequel. Banjo Kazooie (XBLA) – I can’t believe how much this game has aged. Was I really this obsessive about collect-a-thons back in the day? Gears of War 2 – Not a fan of the control system. Presentation is top-notch, but when every other time I die is a result of a faulty control scheme instead of a smart AI, it gets annoying. Whose idea was it to make “climb” and “roll” the same button with an unforgiving margin of error? That’s it for now. Happy new...

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Winding Down

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Just finished my last week of classes for the semester. It’s been a busy one, so busy in fact that I completely forgot to post about Audiball when it was released. The game has been out for three weeks now on Xbox Live Community Games, and we’re getting great positive feedback from players. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Audiball & IGF

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Indiecisive Games’ debut title Audiball was entered into the Independent Games Festival today. I’m still working on content for the upcoming XBLCG release, but since I hadn’t posted anything about the game on my blog yet, I figured this was as good of a time as any. Please let me know what you think of the trailer we’ve released, and feel free to email me any questions you may have about the...

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New Game – Flying Fighters

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flyingfighters2 No, this isn’t the big new game announcement. That’s coming on Friday, and this probably won’t be the first place you see it. Flying Fighters is a GBA game I made for a CS class. Check it out...

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A Candidate You Betcha Can Believe In?

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Had to make a “propaganda poster” for a class. The upcoming election was the obvious subject matter. Anyways, I tried to mimic an artistic effect that was done for some Obama posters I’ve seen. Here’s the result:...

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New “Game” – PollockPaint

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pollock1 Ok, so it’s not really a game, but I made a paint program for a class this week. You can check it out here. Let me know what you think!

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Rock Band 2: It’s A Lot Like Rock Band

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Picked up Rock Band 2 last weekend with high expectations. The original Rock Band was my favorite rhythm game to date, and I couldn’t wait to see how they improved upon the original. It turns out that the biggest improvements are quite minimal on paper. The single player campaigns have been axed in favor of using Tour mode for everything and a few “challenges” that consist of playing various sets of songs with certain instruments. The online modes have been left mostly the same, but tour mode is now online as “Battle of the Bands,” so the old modes are somewhat irrelevant to me. Combining the songs I’ve downloaded with the songs imported from the original Rock Band, I have over two hundred songs available to play in Rock Band 2. Choosing a song to play is like looking at someone’s iTunes library. It’s better than the original in every facet of gameplay and presentation, but of course, the game’s own song selection is what really matters, and it somehow manages to best its predecessor. It’s got Bon Jovi, Journey, Modest Mouse, Blondie, Beck, and more. Many of the songs aren’t obvious, and that’s what makes it so great. So basically, it’s still Rock Band. And I couldn’t recommend it more for rhythm game...

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T-Shirt Designs: Woot Shirt Derby

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During my first semester at Georgia Tech, I discovered Shirt.Woot and their awesome design derbies. Every week they come up with a theme and ask for submissions. The submissions get voted on by Woot users, and the top three shirts are made and sold at the end of the week. I entered the contest a number of times, placing in the top 20 more than once. Here are some of my favorite ones: uprooted_by_link42 “Uprooted” urban_equalizer_by_link42 “Urban Equalizer” an_apple_a_day_by_link42 “An Apple a...

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