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Data from “A Night at the Roculus”

Posted on Nov 17 by

At the beginning of October, my friend Nic and I released a game called A Night at the Roculus. It was a really stupid weekend project, apparently to the point that it was too...


What I Listened To: 2013 Edition

Posted on Jan 6 by

This is normally when I put together a big list of games I played in the previous year, but while I’m working on that, I thought I’d share some of my favorite songs...


Thoughts on Xbox One DRM Reversal

Posted on Jun 19 by

I’ve seen a lot of people I respect chime in with their own thoughts on this today, and thought I’d chime in here a bit myself: The reversal of Microsoft’s...


What I Played: 2012 Edition

Posted on Apr 4 by

So remember when I said I would have this writeup finished back at the end of January? Yeah, that didn’t happen. But it’s finished now! I find that my...


2012 Recap

Posted on Jan 14 by

I went to write my “What I Played” post for 2012 and realized I hadn’t made a post on here since the last annual “What I Played” post. I need to get...


What I Played: 2011 Edition

Posted on Jan 27 by

I’m a little later than usual getting my “year in review” list up this month. 2011 was my first year working full time in the games industry, and I expected the...