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Oculus Connect Talk

Posted on Nov 4 by

I recently spoke at Oculus Connect about the development of Turbo Button’s first game, Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games....


Making a Change

Posted on Dec 19 by

Today is my last day at Magic Pixel Games, and my first day as a independent developer. Magic Pixel gave me and a small team some time to do some VR prototyping earlier this...


Data from “A Night at the Roculus”

Posted on Nov 17 by

At the beginning of October, my friend Nic and I released a game called A Night at the Roculus. It was a really stupid weekend project, apparently to the point that it was too...


What I Listened To: 2013 Edition

Posted on Jan 6 by

This is normally when I put together a big list of games I played in the previous year, but while I’m working on that, I thought I’d share some of my favorite songs...


Thoughts on Xbox One DRM Reversal

Posted on Jun 19 by

I’ve seen a lot of people I respect chime in with their own thoughts on this today, and thought I’d chime in here a bit myself: The reversal of Microsoft’s...


What I Played: 2012 Edition

Posted on Apr 4 by

So remember when I said I would have this writeup finished back at the end of January? Yeah, that didn’t happen. But it’s finished now! I find that my...